Our Company

ACFS Port Logistics (ACFS) was founded by Terry and Arthur Tzaneros in December 2005, with the vision to create one of Australia’s premier warehousing, transport and freight logistics companies. Since its inception, the company has built a strong customer base consisting of some of Australia’s largest blue chip Importers and Exporters.

ACFS is the largest privately owned Container Logistics operator in Australia, moving over 1.2m TEU annually, and employs in excess of 1,200+ staff nationally.

ACFS’s container freight station activities are underpinned by extensive knowledge and experience across the warehousing, transport and freight sectors. This has helped build a comprehensive portfolio of facilities and clientele in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, with further expansion into Fremantle by July 2015. Facilities are strategically located in port locations in order to maximise quick and efficient utilisation of the wharf, with western facilities in Sydney and Melbourne strategically utilised to compliment the diverse clientele base across the metropolitan areas.

ACFS is continually striving to develop its national container logistics operations and solution to customers.

It is committed to growing with clients needs and providing a full “Port to customer door” container freight logistic service.

Tyne ACFS – Is a joint venture between ACFS Port Logistics, and Australia’s largest privately owned empty container park operator in Tyne Container Services. Tyne ACFS is currently operating in Sydney, and has expansion plans to develop further into Fremantle and Brisbane by late 2015.

Tyne ACFS provides empty container handling, storage, repairs, upgrades, and transport services to shipping lines.

The combined offering of the above business entities, provides customers and shipping lines a seamless end to end service.